Deanna Haughey - Judith Priest
Deanna Haughey with Judith Priest
Deanna triple whip cat-o-nine tails

Judith Priest

        A Female Fronted tribute to Judas Priest, was “born” in 2006, from 5 band members who all shared a love for Judas Priest.

       Deanna Haughey is the twist in this band as the vocalist.    Paul Bland and Michael Heald are the lead guitarists for Judith Priest, and trade solos like K.K. Downing and Glen Tipton.    They play all songs note for note like the original studio or famous live versions.

       Holding down the low end, is Bobby Fikes on bass guitar   and  Carlos Cervantes rocks the drums.

       Their song list spans from 1974 to 1990 including:

“Diamonds And Rust”

“Victim Of Changes”

“Beyond The Realms Of Death”

“Hellbent For Leather”

“A Touch Of Evil”

“The Ripper”

“The Hellion/Electric Eye”

...and nearly every song from the “British Steel” album.

Judith Priest will also impress you visually with frequent   costume   changes   in Rob Halford tradition!

If you are a Judas Priest fan, you will have a rockin' good time at our shows so check us out!


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