Deanna Haughey

Hello everybody! I normally think bio’s are kind of cheesey or hokey.

That said, hey, I really enjoy playing and when the crowd gets into it, I can feel the energy; it’s kind of addicting.  

So my musical journey begins with me playing piano and singing as a kid.  

I picked up guitar while working in a music store (ParkerMusic)  years  ago.

So..here it is: I play and Sing!!    I live to play music Live and it makes me feel incredible!!

I have played in a number of bands since I moved to Houston, Texas:

Mais La Bouche,  Sinister Sirens,   Brimstone, Ashes,    A Kiss in the Dreamhouse,   Us and Them, Liz Dexic,   SpitFire,   Slither,   Toyko Road, RetroBurn and Breakfast At Tiffany’s...to name a few!

Currently, the bands I perform in are:

1. Judith Priest - I front this band and do my best to channel  Rob Halford Style with a little Deanna.

2. Lady and the Tramps - Again, I front this band and sing.  We play a wide variety of covers with a Tramp Style.   Come out and see us and you will understand Tramp Style!

So there you have it in a nutshell!

Any questions?? If you do have one please come out and enjoy the Music I provide and ask away.   Also find our Contact page for feedback, comments and keeping in touch!

Oh, and then there are the Open Mic Nights I've performed and hosted at various locations for the last 8 years.  Wherever I go...there I am!

Hope to see you in the crowd helping us feel the power and energy of live Music and sharing it right back ..with you!!